Why do dogs lick their butt

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Butt? (Here’s What To Know)

Did you recently observe your dog licking its butt and as a result of that you’ve been curiously asking why do dogs lick their butt? If that’s you, you’re reading the right piece.

Most dogs commonly lick their butt or bum to groom themselves.

Although, butt licking is a common habit with dogs, it could sometimes happen when a dog has an underlying health issue, for example an infection around its butt area.

Whenever dogs start licking their butt continuously, it’s a sign that the butt area might be painful, itchy or  infected.

If it’s a sign of an infection the dog will start to feel uncomfortable and the bottom area may become red or sore.

Let’s take a look into why dogs lick their butt…

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Butt? (Causes)

1: Painful or itchy bum area: A painful bottom area may be causing pain or distress to a dog and makes him feels uncomfortable.

2: Grooming purpose: Dogs are fond of grooming themselves with their tongues especially those pet with hairy skin often try to remove stuck particles with their tongue. Dogs nose are very sensitive and they can smell anything that flow in the air and other dirty things creeping around their butt.

3: Infection: Dogs are more likely to be infected than humans. The presence of infection in dogs makes them scoot and drag their bum on the ground.

Reasons for Dog Itchy Butt

Does your dog have an itchy butt? The cause of the irritation may vary, it might be as a result of painful or itchy bum area. The main reason might be as a result of an infection. In this article, we will be discussing the reason for dog itchy butt which needs proper attention.

Anal Gland Problem:

Anal gland or anal sac is a small paired sebaceous gland found near the anus. Dogs have two small oval- shaped on either side of their anus. The purpose is to produce a fluid with strong odor which attracts others dogs. Many dogs go through their lifetime without anal gland problem. Whenever the anal gland aren’t dispose properly it develop problem, If not properly treated might lead to an infection.


Parasites are organism that lives and gets its food at the expense of its host. There are two main categories of parasite in dogs which are internal parasites and external parasites.

Internal parasites:

At some stages in dog’s life they may experience discomfort which might be of major concern to their owners. Internal parasite lives inside the host without the owners realizing it. They include tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm etc. Internal parasite can be contaminated by dogs through parasite eggs present in their food and water.

Roundworm are the most common internal parasites in dogs and are mostly transmitted from the mother to their young pet

External parasite:

These parasites live within the animal skin. The most common external parasites in dogs are fleas and ticks. The presence of flea in dogs makes it look red and sore especially if your dog has been scratching or licking it butt area and this might cause irritation to your dogs.

Skin Infection:

Dogs butt Itching and scratching relentlessly is one of the symptom that your dog has skin infection. The skin allergies is easier to see in short haired dogs. In long haired dog it’s revealed by a dull coat and shedding with scaly skin underneath.

Food allergies:

This is when the immune system reacts after a certain food is taken. Dogs have food allergy he could be eating a certain food for years and then develop allergy to it. Dogs feel irritated by these allergies. Possible food allergies include meat, grains, diary etc.

Food to Feed Dogs With Allergies

  1. Fish – based diet: fish are good source of protein for dogs which helps to build the body collagen and increase the flexibility of the skin. Examples include: Lake Whitefish, Arctic char, walleye and salmon.
  2. Grain – free diet: They are food free from grain and food derive from them. This includes meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs and non-grain-based flour.
  3. Royal canin dermacomfort: this are active nutrient to protect dogs sensitive skin. Also enriched with combination of omega 3 and 6 fatty acid from soy.
  4. Purina pro plan veterinary diet.

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What Human Food Can Dogs With Allergies Eat?

  1. Bread: It is safe for most dogs and may cause weight gain if he eats too much.
  2. Peanut butter: make sure you feed your dog with unsalted peanut butter in moderate amount.
  3. Eggs: Eggs are good source of protein. They are nutritious for dogs to eat. As a pet owner it is important to avoid feeding your dogs with raw eggs.
  4. Cheese: it should be taken in small amount or quantities.
  5. Carrots: carrots are healthy food for dogs. Always make sure you cut them in pieces before serving it to your dog.
  6. Apple: They are good source of vitamins which help to regulate a dogs digestion.
  7. Fish: fish are very high in protein that provides range of health benefits. Always ensure they are well cooked before feeding your dog.

Remedies To Relieve Dog Itchy Butt

1: Flushing the anal sac: when you notice excessive scratching of butt area by your dog, ensure you flush the anal sac with the use of a disposable glove to reduce pain sensitivity

2: Use of antibiotics: antibiotics can be used to cure anal sac inflammation. Examples of antibiotics that can be used are as follows.

  • Glandes
  • Clavamous
  • Zeniquin

3: Ensure you draft a good diet plan for your dog. Some dog can be allergic to some food which might cause anal sac problem.

4: Ensure their food are neatly prepared to avoid intake of contaminated substance like fleas and ticks which are present in food soil and water

5: Monitor you dogs weight: dogs that are obese are more prone to anal sac problem in other to avoid that, always make sure you monitor your dogs weight

Conclusion: Why do dogs lick their butt?

As a pet owner it is important to be observant and to judge your dogs behaviors. Most dog lick their butt as part of the grooming process. If you notice the licking and scratching keep getting worse, it might be a sign of an infection. Always ensure you flush your dog anal sac after defecating and change their diet to help them secrete whatever is stored in the sac.

If the sign of anal sac problem persist in your dog ensure you seek the advice of a veterinarian.

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