Fly repellant for dogs

Fly Repellant For Dogs (What’s Best?)

Are you looking for the best solution to prevent fly infestation and protect your furry friend from fly strikes? In this article, I will be sharing with you the best fly repellant for dogs as well as other effective methods to keep flies off your dog without putting your dog’s health at risk.

It can be very annoying to have a fly making a low, continuous humming or murmuring sound around one’s ears not to talk of dogs, and while we can easily swat these pesky flies away, our furry companions are mostly defenseless against their attack.

Not only do flies frustrate and annoy dogs but for the most part, fly bites can lead to skin infection and skin irritation on a dog, and this can be potentially harmful to your dog’s health.

Flies such as horse flies can bite a dog’s belly, backside, ears, or any other sensitive parts of their body and this can become an open wound that will bleed and become infected.

However, as you sought after fly repellant product for your dog, you need to bear in mind that not all fly repellant for dogs are safe, so that you will not hurt your dog in the process of protecting it from fly infestation.

Listed out below are some fly repellant for dogs that are pocket-friendly and won’t be harmful to your dog’s health.

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Fly Repellant For Dogs

Flies are incessant critters, which means they will not desist from feeding on your dog if nothing is done to keep them away.

Not only do flies bite dogs in the most sensitive parts, but they also feed on their blood, and will also lay eggs on any open wounds they find or create on the dog, causing the wound to become infected.

The best way to prevent this from happening to your dog is through the use of some of the fly repellant for dogs reviewed below…

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Natural fly repellent

DIY Vinegar Fly Repellant

There are so many ingredient options available to make fly repellant for dogs but vinegar is the most common recipe people turn to when they need to make a DIY fly repellant.

To make a DIY vinegar fly repellant, you simply make a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bottled container.

Optionally, you can mix in one or two drops of dish soap so that the mixture will stick to the dog’s fur when sprayed.

We suggest that you make use of the regular white vinegar to make this fly repellant recipe because even though there are some claims that apple cider vinegar is effective in repelling flies, apple cider vinegar has a sweet scent which will attract flies instead of repelling flies which means your dog may end up being disturbed by more flies.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with dishwashing soap and water is a good fly repellant recipe for getting rid of flies from a part of the home, because the flies become attracted to the sweet scent and they fall into the water.

However, because you will be applying this repellant directly on your dog’s fur, it is not advisable to use apple cider vinegar.

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Natural Fly Repellent

Listed out below are some natural fly repellent that have been found to be effective in keeping flies at bay:

  • Catnip essential oil: Catnip essential oil can be regarded as a remarkably safe natural fly repellent.
  • Cinnamon: Flies are surely repelled by cinnamon and it can used alone as a do-it-yourself air freshener or merged with other products.
  • Citronella oil: Citronella oil is a very common natural fly repellent that has been found to be quite effective in deterring flies and other insects when added to other products.
  • Citronella candles: Citronella candles is another very popular product of citronella and its smoke when burning is believed to help in repelling flies.

How To Keep Flies Away From My Dog Kennels

In order to keep flies away from your dog kennel you need to keep your dog’s kennel and the surrounding environments unappealing to flies.

Flies breed in dirty and smelly environments, so therefore, keeping your dog’s kennel and the surrounding environments clean discourages flies breeding which is the first step to keeping flies away from your dog’s kennel.

Listed out below are practices that have been found to be helpful in keeping flies away from dogs kennel.

Below are proving methods on how to keep flies away from my dog kennel:

1: Clean up bones and remnant dog food immediately your dog finishes eating: Always take away uneaten food and bones from your dog kennel and its surrounding environment because food remnants will attract flies.

Better still, you can implement portion control feeding or timed feeding which means you will measure out a certain amount of food that your dog will be able to finish per meal and he will only be given that amount of food so that there won’t be leftover foods.

2: Wash and dis-infect your dog’s bedding regularly: As you already know that flies are usually attracted to foul smell, you should make it a practice to always wash and dis-infect your dog’s bedding regularly in order to get rid of foul smells that can attract flies.

3: Clean up and properly dispose dog poop: Proper management of your dog’s fecal matter in and around the dog’s kennel is very helpful in keeping flies away from your dog’s kennel.

Dog poop attracts flies and it gives them an open room for breeding, hence, your dog’s poop should not be left for long periods of time but instead you should always clean out dog poop and dispose it immediately.

4: Clear out fly breeding areas: Flies breed in damp or moistened areas where they is waste matter such as feces, garbage and so on. So therefore, clearing out potential fly breeding areas discourages fly breeding around your dog kennel and that in turn helps to keep flies away from your dog’s kennel.

Conclusion: Fly repellant for dogs

Fly infestation can be very burdensome to dogs and that’s why you need to find a solution to keep them away from your furry friend because if nothing is done to keep them away they can be very disturbing to dogs most especially if your dog has an open wound.

However, always bear it mind that not all fly repellant are safe for pets and as such make sure any choice of product you will be using on your dog is pet-safe so that your dog’s health will not be put at risk in a bid to repel flies. You can talk to your vet for recommendation of pet-safe fly repelling products that you can get from the pet store.

What proven methods have you used to repel flies from your dogs? Leave a comment below!

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