Dog swallowed bully stick

Dog Swallowed Bully Stick (Here’s What To Do)

Has your dog swallowed bully stick ? and as a pet parent that cares so much about their furry friend you’re curious as to what could possibly happen to your dog and most importantly, how to address the situation? If that’s you, you’re reading the right piece.

In this article, I will be sharing with you what to expect if your dog swallowed bully stick, as well as how to keep dog from swallowing bully stick and how to deal with bully stick blockage if it ever happens.

Bully sticks as treat is of oral health benefit to dogs in that they give strong chewing dogs up to 40 minutes of chew time or maybe even up to few hours for smaller dogs, this chew time is of huge benefit to the teeth because it helps to remove tartar ( a hard calcium deposit that forms on the teeth and can cause decay).

Additionally, the chewing and licking spurs a release of endorphins, which reduces anxiety and imparts mental stimulation.

However, along with all the so many benefits of bully stick treats comes some potential negatives one of which is the risk of choking when the dog has chewed the bully stick to the endpoint/nub and it can be swallowed.

Although bully sticks can be fully digestible and a dog may not experience issues from swallowing it whole towards the endpoint/nub, it could result into a serious choking incident if the bully stick gets stuck in the dog’s throat.

Below is what you should do if dog swallowed bully stick and how to prevent a recurrence of such incidence…Keep reading!

1. Dog Swallowed Bully Stick

The risk of intestinal blockage is very minimal if a dog swallowed bully stick, owing to the fact that bully sticks are very easy to digest and because they can be broken down in the stomach very easily.

Nevertheless, bully stick can cause obstruction in your dog’s throat and cause him to choke, most especially, if the dog swallowed large pieces.

So, will my dog be safe after swallowing a bully stick? 

The simple answer to that is “yes”, your dog shouldn’t have any critical problems if the bully stick reaches his stomach, since they’re very easy to digest.

dog eating a bully stick

However, while most dogs are mostly safe after accidentally swallowing a large piece of bully stick because bully sticks are generally easy to digest as against manufactured bone or rawhide, being easy to digest will be quite irrelevant if the situation is that the bully stick is lodged in the dog’s throat.

Of course, not every dog or situation will be the same.

Smaller dogs are at more risk of choking if they swallow bully stick. Many puppies have had to undergo surgical operation as a result of ingesting objects such as toys, bones, and others that were too large for them to pass out.

So, what do you do if your dog swallowed bully stick?

  1. To start with, you have to make certain that the dog has actually swallowed the bully stick and it’s not lodged in its throat. You can do this by simply opening the dog’s mouth and looking through.
  2. If it happens that the bully stick is lodged in his throat and it’s not far from your hand reach, you can try to dislodge it by pulling on the dog’s tongue ( Be careful so that you will not get bitten or hurt the dog’s throat in the process ).
  3. To be on a safer side, call your vet for advice on some first aid techniques for your dog in that situation or better still rush the dog to the veterinarian.
  4. If you’re lucky that it happened to be that the dog swallowed the bully stick and it was not lodged in its throat, then, next thing you want to do is make sure that the dog is able to pass it out through defecation.

Signs to lookout for after the dog swallowed block of bully stick:

1. Pay closer attention to the dog’s appetite and bowel movements – by paying closer attention to the dog you will be able to observe changes to its appetite and bowel movements, and that will help you quick detect if its having difficulty getting the block of bully stick off its system.

2. Lookout for noticeable changes in the dog’s behavior – As a responsible pet parent, you should be able to tell when there’s changes in your dog’s behaviors because you would have already know what behaviors are normal with him. If you spot radical changes in the dog’s behavior after he swallowed the bully stick, you might want to consider taking the dog to a vet immediately.

3. Watch the dog’s breathing frequency – generally, dogs pant more on hot weather days, hence, if you observe that your dog is continuously panting after swallowing a bully stick even though the whether isn’t hot enough to require panting, that could be a sign that the dog is having difficulty getting rid of the swallowed object, take him to the veterinarian without delay.

Next let’s discuss how to keep dog from swallowing bully stick in order to avoid a recurrence of this situation…

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2. How To Keep Dog From Swallowing Bully Stick

There’s an increased risk of choking as a dog chews down a bully stick to the end point/nub.

The dog will usually feel tempted to gobble down the whole thing and this can result into gastrointestinal blockage and/or choking.

Hence, the need to know how to keep the dog from swallowing.

The best way to prevent your dog from swallowing bully stick is by safely securing it with a bully stick holder towards the end point/nub at about 2″ inch.

This way, the dog will not be able to gobble down the bully stick after chewing to the end point/nub.

Of course, bully sticks are highly digestible and it will digested in due course after spending a lot of time in the dog’s stomach, but it can result into a major problem if it is stuck in the dog’s intestine.

Another thing is that it can cause choking if it gets stuck in the dog’s throat.

Some of the devices that can be used to secure bully sticks include:

  • The Bully buddy
  • The Bone head
  • The Animaswizzler
  • The Qwizl
  • The Everchew
  • The Animatwist

3. What To Do With Bully Stick Nubs

Bully stick that has been chewed below 4 inches poses a risk of choking because the dog may feel tempted to gobble it down in a gulp.

What I do with the end point/ nub of my dog’s bully stick treat is to throw them away to avoid the risk of choking.

Even though it might feel somewhat wasteful to throw away those bully stick nubs, believe me, it’s the best thing to do for your dog’s safety.

Now that we know what to do with bully stick nubs, let’s inch further to discuss what to do if dog eats bully sticks too fastRead on!

4. Dog Eats Bully Sticks Too Fast

Dogs are natural hard chewers and they will usually gnaw on anything really fast.

How fast a dog will be able to devour a 12″ bully stick depends on the age and size of the dog because most likely, bigger dogs are hard chewers than smaller dogs.

So also, a 9 months old dog will have a stronger jaw and teeth, which means it has more chewing power compared to a 4 months old dog.

dog eats bully sticks too fast

Even though dogs are natural hard chewers, some dogs are of the habit of eating really fast, this can be because the dog wants to get done eating the whole thing really quick because he doesn’t want to share. This can be common in a household where you have more than one dog.

Although it might not be a serious problem if a dog eats bully sticks too fast, the only risk attached to that could be if the dog begins to gobble down the bully stick in large pieces, this could result into gastrointestinal obstruction.

If your dog is a fast eater and he happens to eat his bully stick treat too fast, you need to ensure that you secure the tail end of the bully stick with a bully stick holder so that he doesn’t swallow the endpoint/nub.

Most importantly, ensure to monitor a dog that happens to be a fast eater when feeding him bully stick treat so avoid an incident whereby the dog will swallow the bully stick.

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5. Dog Panting After Eating Bully Stick

Bully stick is a hard chew treat and it gives some dogs up to few hours of chew time and it could even take some days for some dogs to get done with a bully stick.

So therefore, dog panting after eating bully stick could be as a result of the long hours of licking and hard chew.

If your dog happens to be panting after eating bully stick, you have nothing to worry about if he didn’t swallow large chunks of it.

Dog panting after eating bully stick

Provide your dog enough drinking water so he can drink some water to aid digestion of the bully stick.

If your dog happens to be panting after eating bully stick and you discovered he might have swallowed large pieces of the bully stick and he is probably having difficulty getting it down to his stomach, you should consider consulting your vet but if he hasn’t swallowed it, then you don’t have to worry about it, just provide him with enough water to drink.


The issue of a dog swallowing a bully stick is a delicate one that can’t be overlooked, so therefore, you need to take quick action to rush your dog to the vet if he happens to have swallowed a bully stick.

Most importantly, always secure the tail end of the bully stick to avoid the risk of your dog swallowing the nub which could cause your dog to choke.

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