Can Boston terriers swim

Can Boston Terriers Swim? (Detailed Answer)

So, can Boston terriers swim? The simple answer to that is “yes”.

Even though it can be quite scary for a dog parent to let their Boston terrier into the water, most especially, because they’re unsure as to how well a Boston terrier will be able to handle the water being short snouted otherwise known as a brachycephalic breed of dog.

A Boston terrier can definitely have a great time at the lake without you having to dive in to save it because even though Boston terriers are not the best breed of dogs at swimming, believe me, they’re neither the worst at swimming and will definitely love it after few seconds in the water.

Most dogs can and are able to swim and of course Boston terriers are not an exemption from that category.

However, a Boston terrier should not be left alone unsupervised in the water over a long time period neither should it be allowed to swim over long distance without supervision because of their bodily structure coupled with the fact that Boston terriers are not great swimmers because they weren’t bred for swimming.

Below is more detailed facts and information that will help in answering the question of  can Boston terriers swim?

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1. Can Boston Terriers Swim?

There’s been so much misconceptions flying around the air as to whether Boston terriers can or cannot swim because they are brachycephalic (Short head, short nose and flat faced) breed of dog.

That’s why I’ve taken time to research this issue and finally been able to come up with this article to give you an headway as to whether or not a Boston terrier can swim.

So, can Boston terriers swim?

Yes, Boston terriers can and are safe to swim.

Even though Boston terriers may not be the best breed of dog at swimming, they can actually swim because they are natural swimmers just as most breeds of dogs.

However, a Boston terrier may not be able to swim over long distance at the lake or swim several laps around the pool because it can be having shortness of breath due to it’s short snout as a brachycephalic breed of dog.

Boston terriers are natural swimmers just as it is with most breeds of dogs but the thing here is that, it actually takes proper trainings for any dog irrespective of its breed to become a great swimmer.

Lastly, ensure that you don’t leave your Boston terrier dog unsupervised and all alone in the water because it could be at a risk of drowning.

Do Boston Terriers Like To Swim?

In answering the question of do Boston terriers like to swim?, you need to understand that it actually depends on an individual dog’s preference because while some Boston terrier dogs loves it in the pool and have no problem with swimming, some do not like it in the pool or being at the lake which could probably be because they are scared of the water and as such will fight all out before getting into the pool.

Nonetheless, introducing your dog to water and the pool while they are younger is a great way to get them to like swimming.

How Long Can Boston Terriers Swim?

Although Boston terriers do swim, they actually can’t and should not be allowed to swim a long distance or over a long time period because they have the tendency to fag out too quickly because they require a little more energy for breathing due to their short snout.

So also, Boston terriers do not have webbed feet which is a physical characteristic that allows some breeds of dogs such as Labradors to be able to swim more easily.

Care should be taken when you take your dog out for swimming and you should not leave your Boston terrier to swim without monitoring.

At What Age Can I Train My Boston Terrier To Swim?

Even though it is always advisable to introduce a dog to swimming at an early age of its life, it shouldn’t be too early and as such you should wait until your Boston terrier is around 4 – 6 months of age before you start teaching it to swim.

This is important in order to ensure that your Boston terrier is well developed enough to handle swimming as well as to bear up against temperature change.

How To Train A Boston Terrier To Swim

Follow the steps below to safely train your Boston terrier to swim:

Step 1: To start with, you should fill the bathtub, small baby pool or whichever one it is that you have decided to use, with water and because you wouldn’t want your dog to have a shocking first time experience with water, you should make sure that the water is at room temperature.

Step 2: Place the dog into the water in a manner that is pleasing by starting with the feet. Remember that you’re doing this to introduce the dog to the water and to get her used to it, so therefore, you can reward the dog with a treat or by praising him with words such as “good boy”.

Most importantly, you should keep at the process until the dog becomes used to the water and begins to “paddle”.

Step 3: As soon as your dog becomes used to the water and has being paddling, you can take the training a step further by introducing her to a bigger swimming pool or a lake. however, care should be taken at this point and you can have the dog use a dog life jacket to be on a safer side.

Step 4: Because the dog may feel a little strange with the bigger swimming pool or lake at first, you should gently introduce the dog to the lake or bigger swimming pool just as you did when introducing her to the smaller swimming pool.

Step 5: Lastly, to make swimming a more enjoyable activity for your dog, you can start playing fetch games with her in the swimming pool by throwing a toy into the swimming pool and instructing her to fetch. This way, your Boston terrier will enjoy swimming more and will always want to go for it.

Caution: Never leave your furry friend unsupervised in the swimming pool so as to avoid an incident of drowning.

2. Do Boston Terriers Like To Play Fetch?

So, do Boston terriers like to play fetch?

Yes, Boston terriers just like most dogs love to play fetch and in fact it is one of their favorite games.

Fetch game is unarguably one of the long-established games Boston terriers enjoy playing.

Do Boston terriers like to play fetch?

If you have not being playing fetch with your Boston terrier, then, it might be just about time you start doing that.

Because not only will your Boston terrier dog enjoy playing fetch with you but it will so much more enjoy the interactions as well as obtain some health benefits through the exercise.

Besides, playing fetch with your Boston terrier allows it to tap into its innate instinct need to fetch which of course the dog will be happy with, and this may put a stop to some behavioral problems.

Additionally, fetch game can be played with a Boston terrier at just about anywhere in the house be it out in the yard or in the hallway.

However, you should take the weather condition either hot or cold into consideration if you want to play fetch outdoors because a Boston terrier may have difficulty breathing under harsh weather conditions due to its short nose as a brachycephalic breed.

Some of the items you can use to play fetch with your dog includes:

  • Tennis ball
  • Rubber chew toy
  • Rope-style toy
  • Toy bone

How To Play Fetch With A Boston Terrier

  1. First off, you need to have the dog’s attention and you can do this by simply calling its name and showing it the item you want it to go after. You must have taught the dog to chase the toy or tennis ball that you’re using. Praise or better still reward the dog with a treat when it goes after the toy or ball as this is a great way to let the dog know what is expected of it.
  2. Next, take the ball or toy back, toss it some feet away and instruct the dog to fetch. Reward the dog with a treat as soon as it brings back the toy to you and soon enough the dog will understand that what you’re trying to do is to actually play a game with him/her.

3. Can Boston Terriers Be Left Alone?

Do you perhaps want to add a Boston terrier dog to the family but considering your work schedule which might not give you the opportunity to have your dog with you always, you’ve been curiously asking that can Boston terriers be left alone?.

Yes, Boston terriers can be left alone!

Although, it is true that Boston terriers are affectionate companion dogs, that doesn’t totally depict the fact that they can’t be left alone for some few hours.

Cab Boston terriers be left alone

A Boston terrier subject to its age and tolerance level, can be left alone for up to 4 – 6 hours with provision of food and water, a cozy space to sleep as well as toys to play with.

However, you need to understand that if you are going to be leaving your Boston terrier dog alone you shouldn’t over do it by leaving your dog for up to 7 hours or longer.

Because even though some dogs can be better at putting up with being alone, dogs generally do not like being left alone and without company.

Most importantly, you need to put into account to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety by leaving the dog all alone by itself in the house for long periods of time without gradually familiarizing the dog to being alone.

4. Do Boston Terriers Like Cats?

Do Boston terriers like cats? yes, Boston terriers like cats and gets along just fine with cats.

Generally, some breeds of terriers such as Bull terriers and Jack Russell terriers may not get along well with cats, but a good-natured Boston terrier will get along just fine with cats.

Do Boston terriers like cats?

Although it is not uncommon to witness a Boston terrier chasing after a cat, it is nothing more than just a usual playtime with its kitty friend and not a hunt drive.

Boston terriers have a kind, loving and an exceptionally great temperament that makes them a lovable breed of dog.

So therefore, if you’re thinking about adding a Boston terrier to the family where you already have cats or vice versa, you can be rest assured that they will get along just fine.

How To Introduce A Boston Terrier To A Cat

Introducing your Boston terrier to a cat should be similar to how you would introduce it to a person or another dog.

Below are the steps to introducing a Boston terrier to a cat:

  1. You need to make sure that your dog isn’t tensed at the time you want to introduce it to the cat and for that reason you can put it through some exercises to reduce energy level so that he will be calm when being introduced to the cat.
  2. Have your Cat with you and bring it closer to your Boston terrier so that he can know that she is a friend of the family and if possible allow the Boston terrier to move so close to the cat as to sniffing her.
  3. Some part of the house should be made accessible for the cat but off limits to the Boston terrier so that the cat can have that place to withdraw to should the Boston terrier be playing hard on her.
  4. Next, you need to pay a close attention to how well the Boston terrier gets along with the cat so that you will be able to know if there may be a need to keep the two separated.

5. Do Boston Terriers Like To Cuddle?

Do Boston terriers like to cuddle? Yes, Boston terriers like to cuddle.

There is no denying the fact that Boston terriers like cuddling and are well known to be a breed of dog that loves cuddling up with their pet parent.

Do Boston like to cuddle?

A Boston terrier can be snuggling up to its owner for reasons including but not limited to, a show of affection and love, and to keep warm.

A Boston terrier with not only get warmth and affection from cuddling up with its owner but it also gives it a sense of belonging.

Another important thing about cuddling and why Boston terriers like to cuddle is that it regulates the cortisol levels and oxytocin levels in a Boston terrier.


Boston terriers can swim even though they may not be the best breed at swimming.

In all you do, on no occasion should you leave your Boston terrier to swim without supervision.

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