Bullmastiff vs English mastiff

Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff (Breed Information)

It can be sometimes difficult to tell the difference between some breeds of dogs an example of which is the Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff.

Even though Bullmastiff and English Mastiffs are of the same mastiff family, there are some differences in their body structure, health, nutrition, behavior and other attributes, all of which will be covered in this write-up.

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Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff

Mastiff Mix-up

Based on Diane Colling’s speech, whenever the Past President of the Mastiff Club of America goes out, people often mistook her English mastiff dog for a bullmastiff.

Perhaps, this is due to the suffix at the name of the second dog (bull) which signifies something big. Another reason could be because many people are used to the name bullmastiff.

So also, a popular breeder of bullmastiff in America, Sherry Boldt who happens to be the former leader of the bullmastiff association in America and has had over twenty years of experience with this breed, affirms the confusion many people had with bullmastiff and English Mastiff.

The English Mastiff Came First

Ever wondered which of these two dogs came first? The Bullmastiff vs English mastiff?

The English Mastiff came first!

The English mastiff has been in existence right from 1835 and used for several purposes, such as dog fighting, bull and lion baiting, war dogs, etc.

English mastiffs are intelligent dogs and can be easily recognized via their big size.

Mostly, English mastiffs are used for protecting estates, pulling carts, protecting their master, taking down big game, and almost anything when it comes to fighting and protection.

Bullmastiff was developed in England in 1500.

The bullmastiff is what almost everyone is accustomed to and the breed we see almost every time.

The gamekeepers in England needed a dog that would be more violent and intelligent than the English mastiff, to suit their needs. For this purpose, they had to develop the bullmastiff.

According to Boldt, the bullmastiff is very intelligent and good for hunting, they can walk quietly, can track a man down in the forest, and also good for catching prey.

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Size Makes a Big Difference

Taking a look at bullmastiff, it may look quite smaller to the English mastiff, however, while comparing their structure and body outline, they have a lot of similarities.

Regardless of their size, these two dogs are strong and muscular. Their eyes, head, tails, both take the same shape.

Also, in terms of their color, they both have the same color.

However, in terms of weight, there is a great difference between these two breeds of dogs. English mastiff has more weight than the bullmastiff.

The English Mastiff weighs up to 240 pounds, while the female mastiff weighs up to 210

The Bullmastiff?

The bullmastiff weighs between 110 to 130 pounds. In addition to this, the shape of the bullmastiff is square in structure.

The uniqueness of English Mastiff

There are some characteristics that make the English Mastiff unique, care to know about them?

They are below!

● Heavy bone
● Rectangular profile
● Dignified and quiet breed
● Prominent breastbone
● Exceptional strength
● Imposing appearance.

Personality Plays a Part

When it comes to personality about these two dogs, they have a lot of differences.

Bullmastiffs are loyal, territorial, and possessive dogs, with high intelligence that can differentiate between strangers that pose dangers on one’s property and those who do not.

English Mastiffs may get aggressive at strangers who come around their dwelling.

However, they will surely be calm, once the stranger is accepted by their master.

While English Mastiff on the other hand needs a lot of exercises to stay active, a bullmastiff doesn’t, nevertheless, this does not stop them from working for you.

Bullmastiffs have a lot of characteristics that make them lovable, such as.
● Tracking
● Rally
● Agility
● Obedience

All these are due to their poacher-catching heritage.

Note: Be very careful with these breeds, they have the tendency to come up with new attitudes at any time. Nevertheless, they will always be willing to be your guard.

Furthermore, bullmastiffs hate repetitive training, once they get the training you asked them to do, after some attempts, they may get aggressive if you ask them to repeat the training.

Also, the English mastiffs are more agile and stronger than the bullmastiff which is why a Bullmastiff might get exhausted quicker than an English mastiff during sporting activities.

In addition, when it comes to dogfighting, English Mastiff possesses greater strength than the bullmastiff.

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Friendliness And Similarities

The English Mastiffs are very friendly dogs, they derive pleasure and joy, whenever, they are around humans.

If you assign a task to them, they will gladly do it, and they will be very joyous, whenever they are sitting at your feet and watching the movie with you.

English Mastiffs make very good companions, have a warm body that can keep your feet warm during cold winter nights and you will forever enjoy the presence of an English mastiff in your house.

There is no doubt that these two dogs are natural protectors and they share almost the same traits, but while  the bullmastiff, loves a lot of exercises, and prefers to jog with you, the English mastiff, will prefer to have a majestic walk.
Nevertheless, before you take any of these breeds as part of your family members, make sure you subject them to proper training and socialization, in order to get rid of bad behaviors before they form.

In addition, make sure you are purchasing from a responsible breeder, who is not breeding for aggressive purposes, and also, a breeder, that makes health a priority.

These two breeds of dogs enjoy being indoors with their family members, they will do almost anything to make sure they please their family members, but they may not have it easy with strangers.

These two dogs both secrete saliva, however, due to the larger and longer tongues of the English mastiff, they won the drooling competition.

Another notable similarity is that these two breeds are great snorers, however, considering their strength and agility, it is worth their drooling and snoring characteristics.

Conclusion: Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff

Bullmastiff and English Mastiff dogs are two lovable dogs, who appreciate the presence of people around them.

Bullmastiff and English Mastiff, share great similarities and little differences, which we have talked about in this article.
We do hope you’ve been able to learn more about these two different dogs? If yes, kindly share
and let other dog lovers learn.

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