Are Rottweilers good with cats

Are Rottweilers Good With Cats? (Detailed Answer)

Are you a cat owner who’s thinking of adding a Rottweiler to the family or perhaps you’re a Rottweiler owner thinking of owning a cat at the same time and this has got you curiously asking that are Rottweilers good with cats? If that’s you, you’re reading the right piece.

It is no news that Rottweilers can be very protective, hate threats, and are territorial which means they will always want to act as the alpha of the home, for this reason it requires good training for them to accommodate a cat.

The truth is, If a Rottweiler is well socialized, it will easily accommodate and get along with a cat.

Socialization and proper training is fundamental to helping your Rottweiler dog become accommodating to other pets, most especially cats. For your Rottie to become friends with the family cat you have to do a good work at socializing him well enough. Not to worry, every information you need on how to go about it is encompassed in this article.

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Are Rottweilers Good With Cats?

Rottweilers have been popular as guard dogs because of their protective and territorial instincts but this doesn’t depict the fact that this breed of dog are violent or aren’t accommodating.

As stated earlier, Rottweilers get along with cats, pretty well, just as they would with other pets, but this can only be possible if such Rottweiler dogs are raised with cats, or if it’s well socialized.

If you want you to raise Rottweiler and dogs together, an ideal thing to do is to get a Rottweiler
puppy and let the puppy grow amid your cats.

With this method, the dog would have been familiarized with the cat at an early age and won’t feel threatened by its presence in the household.

In an instance whereby you want to introduce an adult Rottweiler dog into a family with cats, you should make sure you keep them separated when you’re not around to monitor them until you’re sure they get along with each other.

Another alternative is to always take your Rottweiler on a stroll, and let the dog always see different people from time to time, so also, you can always take the dog to a park, and let the dog always have the opportunity to meet other pets. Lastly, you should always take the dog along with you to a friend or family’s house where there is cat.

How to introduce your Rottweiler to a cat

When introducing a Rottweiler to your cats make sure you have them together only when you’re around should incase the dog attempts to attack the cat.

Another thing is that you should allow it to happen naturally, if either the dog or the cat isn’t ready for this, do not force them, if you force the process to happen, the result may be disastrous.

Your Rottweiler dog has full trust and confidence in you and he trusts that you won’t ever bring danger upon him, for that reason, he will see the cat you are bringing home as being harmless.

If your Rottweiler and cat are going to be living under the same roof, make sure they’re separated pending the time they get along with each other.

Also, do not make the mistake of entreating one than the other because if you do, the dog will feel jealous that he is no longer getting as much love as he used to because of the cat and may start seeing the cat as a threat which is something you should avoid.

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Bringing A Rottweiler To A Home With A Cat

The best way to go about this is to get something that smells like the opposite animal, and constantly present it to the other animal. With this process, they will start adapting to the smell of the other animal, so when they get to meet themselves, the smell will convey the right message.

Do not bring either of the animals into an open room, start by keeping them at a distance from each other and look out for their reactions, after this is done, and there seems to be peace then you can bring the Rottweiler into the home, make sure you pay attention to the dog during this time.

Once these two animals have been introduced to each other, let them sniff each other, if it goes positive, then you can let them stay together as one family, however, if otherwise, separate them immediately.

However, watch out for the Dog’s Reaction on the first encounter.

Bringing a cat to a home with a Rottweiler

The process of bringing a cat home to join a Rottweiler may be quite complicated because the Rottweiler wouldn’t have been used to the presence of cats.

Note: Do not of leave your Rottweiler and the cat in the same room, until they both get familiar with each other.

Introducing your Rottweiler dog to a cat outside of the home

This method is a good way to build familiarity, between a Rottweiler, and a cat.

This could be carried out by introducing your Rottweiler dog, to a friend or family members’ cat, there won’t be much stress during this process, as the Rottweiler knows the cat isn’t staying with him/her permanently.

Body Language To Pay Attention To

Just as humans have body language, that shows whether they are comfortable with a particular situation or not, so do dogs.

Below are signs to look out for…

Signs your Rottweiler is relaxed

  • The dog will feel curious and happy about the newfound friend
  • The dog will feel relaxed stands still
  • The dog will always feel playful
  • The dog will continue acting goofy

What To Do If Your Rottweiler Doesn’t Get Along With Your Cat

Sometimes it happens that a dog won’t get along with a cat, regardless of how much you try to build familiarities between these two animals, for this purpose, to avoid your Rottweiler hurting your cat, the best thing to do is separate them.

What dog breeds are not good with cat

Below is a list of dogs that are not so good with cats:

  • The Irish wolfhound
  • The Afghan hound
  • The Australian dog
  • The whippet
  • The Manchester terrier
  • The schipperke
  • The standard schnauzer
  • The Bedlington terrier

Conclusion: Are Rottweilers Good With Cats?

Rottweilers are good with cats and in fact, a Rottweiler dog will get along with a cat pretty much better  than a dog of same gender.

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